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Factoids and trivia about Bromley

Bromley is a London borough located in in southeast London, England. Bromley is a district of East London located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and informally known as Bromley-by-Bow to avoid confusion with Bromley of the same name in the London Borough of Bromley. Bromley is a corruption of the Old English word for a forest clearing with brambles, and the extended name avoids confusion with its South London namesake. The stumbling block is boosted by the fact that Bromley is a separate London borough, however Royal Mail still lists its branch as being in Kent. They would, the arseholes.

Relatively close to the center of London but far enough away to be quiet, Bromley has long been one of the best places in London for a family holiday. Bromley Road is located in Catford, London, within walking distance of shops, cafes and entertainment venues. Bromley North Station also connects the city with shuttles to the southeast at Grove Park, from where you can reach London Charing Cross and London Cannon Street via Lewisham.

Bromley is bordered by Downham to the north, Widmore to the east, Hayes to the south and Beckenham to the west. Bromley is home to Kingsley Hall, The Widows Son and Bow Locks. Bromley, one of London’s greenest areas, is also home to the Jubilee Country Park nature reserve in Petts Wood. It was a slow paced rural area until the railroad arrived in 1858, and nearby suburban areas such as Bickley (which later became Bromley Common) were developed to accommodate those who wanted to live comfortably in London. As part of London’s suburban growth in the 20th century, the population grew massively, and it was included as a council borough in 1903 and became part of the London Borough of Bromley in 1965. Bromley became part of the newly formed Greater London in 1965, the New London Borough of Bromley.

In the extreme northwestern corner of the village stood the Crystal Palace. But its population grew and developed into a major commercial area outside the center of London, and then in 1965 became part of Greater London. the city of Bromley and close to the London Borough of Lewisham) and Bromley High (located in the neighboring Borough of Bickley, also in the Borough of Bromley).

Orpington Abbey, possibly dating back to 1270, is home to the Bromley Museum. It was formerly known as St Leonards in Bromley, from the Benedictine Abbey of St Leonards, and was once the oldest religious building in East London. The old market town of Bromley in Kent became an important residential area with the expansion of rail links to London after the 1860s, and is now also an important center for shopping, entertainment and commercial offices.

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