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Mackenzie In Bromley Wants Sex Hookup

If you’re around in Bromley then you might be just who 27 year old Mackenzie is looking for. The blonde damsel in need of fucking is currently on the hunt for a strictly no strings sex hookup where each can treat the other as purely a booty call. Sounds like every man’s dream come true right? Well hold your horses guys, as Mackenzie has been burned before with the other party wanting more (speaks volumes about how good the sex with her must be?) so if you want more than just casual albeit regular sex then this one isn’t for you. She is adamant that any arrangement is purely for fucking, and doesn’t want the hassle of a relationship.

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The first thing to note about this Bromley babe is that she isn’t exactly the master of disguise. We get you may not want to reveal your face when lobbing out a call for free sex contacts in your local neighbourhood, but damn girl, even a black square would have done a better job. Still, it’s possible she wants to give possible hookups a good idea of how she looks, so we refrained from hiding her face ourselves in case that’s her plan. The second thing which maybe should have been the first, is those pierced nipples Mackenzie is sporting. We’re not sure if this selfie was taken at work or elsewhere, but that’s a hell of an outfit that showcases her boobs splendidly.

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Let’s have a look at some of the personal info Mackenzie herself has chosen to share with us:

    Body Attributes

  • Blue Eyes
  • Blonde Hair
  • 5′ 4″ Height
  • Slim Build
  • 34C tits (Mackenzie has had a boob job)
  • Sex Preferences

  • Doggystyle slamming is her preferred fuck position
  • Enjoys giving and receiving oral sex
  • Loves playing dress up (ok so maybe not a work selfie!)

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It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is one free sex offer you can’t turn your nose up at. A regular fuck friend that you never have to take out to some boring shit that women like and we only do it in the hopes of getting our cocks wet. Say goodbye to all that if you get together with the Bromley babe with big boobies, even if they are fake tits! If I were a bit closer I’d be sending her a message myself – I’m dying to know if both titties have a piercing or it’s just the one. I’ll never know, but you might get to find out, ya lucky bastard!

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