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Welcome to Shagsluts.com, for people looking for free sex, local sex, sex contacts, hookups, nsa fucking, one night stands, casual sex, or whatever else you want to name it when like minded adults meet for discreet sex.

This site lists women in the UK – that’s England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales – who have sexy or nude profiles and want sex without the hassle of traditional ways of meeting. There are far more men of course within than females seeking sex, but as the women have an insane amount of choice, this site is for the men looking for free sex to find those naughty ladies in their local area.

PLEASE remember to keep safe – women of course need to take safety precautions, but this goes for guys as well… nobody wants to get rolled over when hooking up for sex with strangers, so it’s important that men also tell at least 1 friend where they are headed, even if it’s a text before they leave.

That said, there are TONS of sex crazy, cock-mad women looking for a shag! Pre-internet, in the bad old days, you had to spend stupid amounts of time trawling pubs, clubs, supermarkets and churches to seek out willing sex partners up for a quickie with no strings attached. And even then you were liable to get a slapped face if you went too far too quick, because there was no anonymity, and a girl can’t have her peers think she is the local bike.

Thankfully that’s gone the way of well-made goods, and polite service, and is just a distant memory – these days anyone can get the local fuck they want by putting up a profile, detailing their interests and what they are looking for, and waiting for the sex hookups to come in. Bless the internet for making the world an easier place for us horny promiscuous sex fans to get what we need quicker than ever before, and bless These Online Sex Personals for not even needing a membership. Just register with your email address and get to it.

Btw… Want a free tip to pick up more women for sex dating? Of course you do! Ok so: you do not need to be embarrassed – Be direct! Everyone on the site is looking for their sexual needs to be met, and yes obviously that includes the women. Don’t sit about waiting for them – message as many as you can meet, because it’s just a numbers game… the more women looking for sex you message, the more will reply, and that my friend is how it’s done. That is THE number one tip, and why others succeed where some fail.

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