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Who hasn’t secretly wanked themselves off over some granny getting to grips with a younger cock. Not many of us I’d bet. There’s something about seeing a gilf basically using a toy boy as a personal plaything, not really caring how they look a bit old as long as it means they get to stuff a 20 or 30 year old cock in their experienced mouths and pussies. Like a lot of sex, it’s about the naughtiness of it rather than trying to bang a perfect 10 all the time, well, once you hit your mid-twenties anyway. Well let me introduce to you Lady Victoria – ok she isn’t a titled lady, but Victoria is a lady who hails from Cardiff, and we’ve all heard how filthy the Welsh are. I mean just take a look at how brazenly Victoria has her pussy on show in her profile picture, and the saucy shagslut even shaves it as well. Now here’s a woman who knows what the boys like!

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The dirtier than a builder’s van sex seeker is actually married, but don’t let that put you off – just the opposite in fact (take it from me). Having what is politely termed an open marriage, Victoria’s husband is disabled (so he couldn’t even chase you down the road if he wanted to lol). This means Victoria is unable to get her sexual needs fully satisfied, so her husband gives his full blessing to Victoria shagging other men in Cardiff, because well, they love each other and don’t want to split up, which is pretty fucking beautiful when you think about it. In fact Victoria has this to say as well: “He actually gets off on it when I’m upstairs entertaining my men friends, and if it’s been a couple of months since I last had any fun, tells me to stop mucking about and get my needs seen to”. It may just be that he’s worried about her, but like I just said…. we know how filthy the Welsh are!

Anyway if you’ve never fucked a GILF before you’re in for a treat as they really are out of this world in the sack. All those years of cocksucking and fucking means women like Victoria know exactly how to handle a nice virile prick, and they’re so pleased to get one that works that their enthusiasm is genuine as well.

Here’s the goods on Victoria so grab yourself a helping of free sex from this Cardiff cock lover!

Age: 59
Pussy: Shaved clean
Turn-ons: Sucking dick, getting her pussy licked, getting creampied
Turn-offs: Feet, rudeness, shyness
Likes: Fucking doggystyle, riding cowgirl
Dislikes: Anal, cum in mouth
Location: Cardiff
Where: Only her place (safety aspect, I presume)

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