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Things About Lewisham, London

Interested in some cool stuff about Lewisham? Yep, nor us πŸ˜‚ For completeness sake, here is the info on the Lewisham area anyway

Lewisham is a South London borough in the United Kingdom. With a population of 210,400, it has the third largest population in London after Haringey and Croydon.
The borough is located in Inner London, in south-east London, and forms part of the Gateway to the South. Lewisham is bordered by Bromley to the north, Bexley to the east, Greenwich to the south-west, Deptford to the west and Lewisham & Deptford to the north-west.
Lewisham’s name is derived from Leofsa’s ham (Leofsa being an Anglo-Saxon male name), meaning ‘the village on the river where lives Leofsa’. The earliest record of this settlement is in 1177 when its parish church was given to St Mary’s Abbey in Rochester by King Henry II. It is also possible that Celtic people lived there before Anglo Saxons arrived.

The Origin of the Name
In 1177, Lewisham Parish Church was given to St Mary’s Abbey in Rochester by King Henry II. There is a record of this village being called ‘Lewisham’ in the Domesday Book.
It is also possible that Celtic people lived there before Anglo Saxons arrived.
Lewisham means ‘the village on the river where lives Leofsa’. The name is thought to come from Anglo-Saxon settlers who may have used “Leofsa’s ham” as their short name for the area. In 1855 the first new railway station became operational, and it had been named after Lewisham.

Victorian Lewisham
In the mid-nineteenth century, Lewisham was a small market town. It had a population of around 15,000 and benefited from good road and rail links to central London. There were a number of important industries including paper making, brewing and brickmaking.
Lewisham was hit by a major fire in 1880 that destroyed much of the core of the town centre. The fire left 16 people dead from a population of 15,000.
A new Town Hall was built on King Edward Road in 1889 which acted as an early 20th century beacon for the community.
The spread of suburban homes greatly accelerated in the late 19th century and continued almost unabated through to World War II.

The 20th Century
Lewisham was first recorded as Levesham in 1177. The name means “the village of Leofsa’s people” or “the settlement where lives Leofsig”.
Lewisham grew as a suburban village, becoming the location of the first post-village police station.

In 1894 it became part of the County Borough of Lewisham. The borough gained greater independence from the county borough in 1965 by becoming part of the newly formed London Borough of Lewisham within Greater London.

The area is surrounded by several notable landmarks such as Kennington Park, Goldsmiths College, Ladywell Fields, Southwark Park, Sydenham Hill and Crystal Palace Park.
Some notable locations are St John’s Church (built 1822–1824), and St George’s Church (built 1960).

Modern Lewisham.
Lewisham has changed dramatically over the past 200 years, from a modest market town to an urban centre of industry and commerce.
In 1801, Lewisham’s population was 4,120. By 1901, it had grown to 98,000.
The first public library opened in 1850 which is now home to Lewisham College.