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Warrington Info

Warrington is a town in the United Kingdom with a population of over 180,000. It is the largest town in Cheshire and is situated to the north-west of Manchester. Warrington has many attractions, including its parks and gardens, museums, theatres and art galleries. As such, it’s often called “England’s hidden gem” and “a quintessential English town”. If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit or wondering what there is to do in Warrington, here are 10 fun things to do!

Warrington’s Events and Festivals
Warrington is home to many annual events and festivals, which are great for visitors and locals alike. Warrington’s Christmas Market is the largest of its kind in the country. The event opens on November 25th and runs until December 10th. It has everything you would expect from a traditional German Christmas market, including an abundance of stalls selling food, drink, gifts, arts and crafts. Warrington also has a festival called the ‘Warrington Festival of Arts’. This event takes place over 3 days in July each year. It features live music, dance performances, exhibitions, workshops for all ages and much more.

The things to do in the city of Warrington
1. Visit the Art Gallery: There are a number of art galleries in Warrington, including the Peel Art Gallery, which houses a fine collection of British paintings from 1500-1850.
2. Explore the Parks and Gardens: Warrington has parks and gardens to explore, including Wilderhaugh Garden, which is home to a variety of rare plants and flowers as well as a waterfall.
3. Walk Along The River Mersey: Located on the banks of the River Mersey is Broadwater Lake, where you can take a walk along its trails or do some fishing.
4. See The Theatre: Along with its many other attractions, Warrington also has theatre performances such as “Wuthering Heights” and “The Secret Garden”.
5. Spend Time at FACT: FACT (Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology) has exhibitions that include interactive pieces you can try out yourself!
6. Explore The Gorse Covert Nature Reserve: A place where visitors can enjoy nature and wildlife in an informal setting with stunning views of Lancashire countryside and woodland trails to explore.
7. Enjoy The Views From Beacon Hill Park: Once the site of Beacon Hill mansion, this park now offers panoramic views across Warrington town centre’s skyline as well as an 18th century folly tower to visit inside – perfect for those who like exploring historical buildings!
8. Browse The Many Shops Along Victoria Street

The best places to go out in Warrington
There are plenty of great places to go out in Warrington. One of the first on this list is the Peel Institute, which is located on Wilderspool Causeway. This place has lots of different shops, including a book shop and a pharmacy. It’s also home to Warrington Museum, which has some interesting exhibits on offer.

Another great place to go out in Warrington is The Electric Theatre, located on Buttermarket Street. This venue regularly plays host to live music and concerts, as well as theatrical performances, comedy acts and more.
A number of other places that you might want to check out include The Assembly Rooms (located on Upper Parliament Street), which regularly hosts exhibitions and events; The Crown Liquor Saloon (located on Wilderspool Causeway), which is excellent for excellent for both eating and drinking; or Warrington Town Hall (located on Walmesley Road), which regularly has art exhibitions on display.

The things you must see while you’re there
– The Bridgewater Hall: this is one of the most popular venues in the UK, and it’s home to concerts, exhibitions, conferences and more.
– The Museum of Liverpool: this museum is dedicated to the history of Liverpool and is a few minutes walk from the Town Centre.
– Clarence Park: Warrington’s largest park with many recreational activities for all ages.
– The Hornbeam Centre: this building houses a library, theatre and gallery which shows some amazing exhibitions.