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Filthy sex addict Ava wants to blow your mind as well as your cock, and reckons her blowjobs get an 11 out of 10. Quite the claim! The 25 yo Warrington gym rat is a self proclaimed oral sex queen, and lists it as one of the things that gets her pussy all moist, saying she loves the feel of a dick growing hard in her mouth (from what we’ve seen, this is actually a pretty popular turn-on amongst women). Looking for guys to fill her mouth, then if she likes them, her pussy (that kinda tells you something about this girl’s appetite for sex, that she will suck your cock even if she ‘doesn’t like you’ enough for a fuck lol).

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This is Ava’s full size main pic (one of several!) you can see the x-rated pics she has uploaded of herself, and message her directly to arrange a free sex meet. This is one naughty minded shag slut! A natural brunette in great shape who will suck your cock even if she doesn’t like you all that much. Yep, that’s how it should be. I wonder if all the women in Warrington are as highly sexed as this little minx. She even has her hair up in her profile picture, presumably so she can perform her blowjobs without it getting in the way. Full marks to Ava for thinking ahead, as it sounds like she’ll suck your nob at the drop of a hat! We all have our fetishes I suppose, and any lads meeting Ava will be surely glad with her little kink.

In case you’re wondering just where the hell Warrington is, here’s a google map of the area. It’s basically between Manchester and Liverpool, so Ava has that famous Northen slag personality pretty much built-in. You might not be able to understand a fucking word she is saying, but that’s easily overcome by sliding your cock in her mouth to keep her quiet before you bend her over and give her a good scuttling.