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About Newham

Situated on the border of inner and outer East London, Newham has a population of 353,134, making it the third largest borough in London and also making it the 20th most populous borough in England. It covers the area formerly administered by the Essex boroughs of West Ham and East Ham, both of which were abolished by the same act. This new Greater London borough was formed on 1 April 1965 by the merger of the former Essex Borough of East Ham Borough and West Ham Borough into the New Greater London Borough – these in turn were successors to the ancient Greater London Borough. and the parishes of East Ham and West Ham.

Newham faces serious problems of poverty and inequality. A 2017 report announced that a whopping 36% of the workerforce in Newham are in crappy paying jobs; the largest amount of any borough in the Greater London area. In 2018, Newham had the lowest life expectancy and the highest rate of heart disease of any borough of London, along with London’s Tower Hamlets.

Newham was one of six boroughs to host the London 2012 Summer Olympics. The Hammers, whom along with Newham’s council wanted to take over the stadium after the 2012 Games, pledged to build a running track and a football stadium.

It includes historic districts and villages including the areas of Silvertown, North Woolwich, Canning Town, Plaistow, both West Ham and East Ham, Stratford, Beckton, Manor Park and also Forest Gate. Its local authorities are the second poorest in England and have one of the highest ethnic minority populations in the country.