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Cock slut Chloe hails from Nottingham – or at least, she lives there – and is on the prowl for guys aged 20 – 35 to bend her over, grab her ankles, and fuck her until she squirts on their knob. Quite the introductory line. Looks a bit like a student to us, though she doesn’t clarify, but at 22 years old we reckon it’s a safe bet for this city where students galore = free sex aplenty, and our guess is she doesn’t want the hassle of idiots at the student bar. What we don’t need to guess about though is that wonderfully firm pair of tits she is sporting.. oh to reach around from behind and cup her boobs for some stress relief as you rub your cock between her legs, it’s probably why she ends up on her knees being fucked doggystyle so much.

If Chloe floats your boat and makes your cock twitch at the idea of her wrapping her mouth over your dick and then doing the same by using her minge, you can chuck a private message her way before you chuck her a cunt full of cum. Don’t be shy, it’s what she wants, and in this age of equality, girl power, and all that other shit, who are we to deny her 2 minutes an hour or two of sexual gratification in the way of some no strings casual fuck buddy fun.

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The bad news about Chloe is she isn’t into anal sex, the good news is she loves slurping on a nice hard shaft, and in her words, she finds it fascinating all the different textures and ridges. You can offer to Help Her Research That Here, and be proud of yourself for volunteering to be a test subject for Chloe and her erection giving mouth 😉

Interested in some cool stuff about Nottingham? Us neither! Here’s a map of the area though anyway.

Here’s a few ‘official’ links to and about Nottingham. Not nearly as useful as Chloe’s sexual attitudes, and lack of morals are, but in the interests of the city, here they are

Nottingham Wikipedia Entry

Nottingham Castle – she might even let you fuck her in the grounds, you know what these students are like for a bit of outdoor sex

Hotels in Nottingham – ok so THIS link will probably come in handy, for Chloe as well as the other shagsluts after a bunk up in the area 🥳