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Allow us to introduce you to the wickedly sexy Eleanor, a gym going mucky milf of 32 (that’s years, not offspring!) who likes to meet guys at her convenience for sex. A native Liver Bird (that’s what they call women from Liverpool, in case you didn’t know), with a pair of 34D titties, this hot to trot career woman lists ‘making men explode in my mouth’ as one of her hobbies. Presumably, she does this at different times than when at the gym. Who knows though with Eleanor, who ‘loves risky sex’, ‘shave my vagina bald’, and will apparently ‘fuck you then send you home so I can do the housework’. The main thing is she is a bubbly girl who ‘enjoys sex without the hassle’, hence her preference for hooking up online with like minded adults. She has no particular type of man, though likes them to be aged 20 – 50, and with good personal hygiene (we all like people with a good sense of cleanliness, right?). Eleanor prefers to meet at weekends as her job is pretty intensive and the poor thing is worn out most evenings what with going to the gym most nights after work, but says she comes alive at weekends with no work pressures.

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More good news is that she loves to put on stockings and stilettos, and proclaims she has a pair of heels to cater to every man’s taste – that’s one way to justify a shoe collection! It makes you wonder if she pictures how she looks with them up in the air while she is getting fucked ๐Ÿ˜œ You can all but guarantee a woman looking for free sex that has a body like this is going to be nice and flexible, and would you please just check out that thigh gap! Anyone living or travelling within a 100 miles of Liverpool needs to hit this cock crazed milf up for some clean dirty fun ๐Ÿ˜

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Oh, and here are a few things about the great city of Liverpool…

The City of Liverpool is one of six administrative districts of the Liverpool City Region. The city’s Metro mayor lives in each of the six boroughs for four years and oversees the city region as a joint authority.

The metropolitan area is the urban area of the city east of the River Mersey, excluding the Wirral and its adjacent areas. It covers the area managed by Liverpool City Council and adjacent local authorities, as well as parts of Sefton and Knowsley. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority is the supreme administrative authority for local governance in the Liverpool City Region and is responsible for making key strategic decisions on topics such as transport, investment, economic development, employment, skills, tourism, culture, housing and physical infrastructure.

Fascinating, I’m sure. Luckily there are lots of lust fuelled women in the city to make up for that little lot! Here’s a map of the area by the way: