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The borough had a population of 593,245 in 2011, with 78% of Glasgow’s 2,300,000 residents on their way to and from work in the area. Glass work and life in the city has its own five “do-nots” – people don’t just stop by for a cheeky lunch. Glasgow pubs are friendly places and you are sure to have an entertaining chat with the locals when you go to one of these pubs.

Glasgow’s impressive historical and modern architectural tradition was celebrated when it was named the British City of Architecture and Design in 1999 and was knighted ahead of Liverpool and Edinburgh. The city’s modern buildings include Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Bank of Clyde, Glasgow Science Centre, Hydro, Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre and Clyde Auditorium (also known as the Armadillo). Glasgow’s live music scene is legendary, with big bands playing in iconic venues and a number of low-key pubs where regular performances are excellent.

Glasgow is the largest economy in Scotland and the centre of the metropolitan region of West Central Scotland. It is the British city of architecture and design, and its architecture is as much an attraction as its architecture. Its impressive collection of stately Victorian mansions and public buildings, the product of the wealth generated by production and trade, gives the city a solid, if enduring dignity, even if this may be misleading.

Glasgow’s 21st century economy is a modern city that incorporates traditional heavy engineering, advanced engineering, manufacturing, aerospace technology, satellite development and production, information and communications technology, software engineering, renewable energy and low carbon innovation. Urban biocorrelation brings together the public sector, the economy, science, research and development, and the production of pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, and medical technology.

Glasgow Caledonian University was founded in 1875 and became a university in 1993. As a modern city, Glasgow has a huge retail sector, is a centre for film and television production and an important global financial, economic and service centre. The city’s suburban network is shared by the River Clyde, and Crossrail Glasgow, an initiative proposing a link between the city and the suburban network, is awaiting funding from the Scottish Government.

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