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Some Sheffield insights, for those looking for something to do after they’ve had their fill of free sex with Penny:

The city and metropolitan area is in the historic county of South Yorkshire, with the exception of the area around Beiton and Mosboro, which belongs to the historic county of Derbyshire. Sheffield is located in the foothills of the Pennine Highlands, at the point where four streams – the Schiff, Porter, Rivelin and Locksley – converge to form the Don River. East Midlands Airport is an hour’s drive from the city and Manchester Airport is directly connected with Sheffield with a direct train at regular intervals.

The supertram serves as an important link between Sheffield’s northeastern districts (namely Meadowhall and Centerwood Valley) and the city centre. The City of Sheffield is part of the greater United Governance for Sheffield City region, which also includes neighboring Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley as well as the non-Derbyshire parts of North Derbyshire. The two football clubs in the area are Sheffield Wednesday, and Sheffield United. Their local competition is considered to be one of the hottest football rivalries in English football.

The rail service HS2 is slated to be operational by 2033 and will serve Birmingham, London, Leeds and Newcastle, though recently that project looks to have been put on hold. Census results showed that Sheffield overtook Leeds as the most populous city in Yorkshire. Outside the city of Sheffield the metropolitan area comprises suburban areas and open countryside, including part of the Peak District National Park.