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Olivia is a fruity female looking for someone to give her casual sex in Carlisle. Coming in at 36 years of age, this milf mum is ‘looking for rebound sex’ after a recent divorce, so sad news but good news, if you get my drift. She likes dressing up in stockings and heels and lists ‘being licked out while I return the favour by sucking your cock’ as a top turn-on, presumably with those sexy stockings on at the same time. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being the person or persons turned to for no strings sex after a woman has got divorced, you’ll know exactly how lusty she’ll be.

And if you haven’t had that experience, you REALLY don’t know what you’re missing. Wham, Bam, see you later ma’am and they are just as up for a quick fuck without that nonsense afterwards of hanging around chit chatting as you are.
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Never been to Carlisle? Maybe now is the time to put that right. Here’s a map of the area below so you can see how long it’ll take you to make the journey to Olivia and take up her offer of some good old fashioned sex – you just know she’ll go like the clappers to get back at her ex. Olivia is 37 with a tasty looking bald shaved pussy, and her tits are about average for her age. All in all a pretty nice package, legs are shapely and look great in those hold-up stockings, you can almost imagine the feel of them on your cheeks as she grinds her cunt into your face. Just make sure you return the favour and give her a good mouth fucking, after all she has already stated she loves a bit of oral to say thanks for the plating she’ll no doubt demand from you. Not a bad deal to be honest, especially as you know you’ll end up slipping her your length to help her ‘get back’ at her former husband – who in all likelihood couldn’t give a fuck what she is up to anyway. Don’t tell Olivia that though, let her act the slut as everyone’s a winner!