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Factoids and interesting (not really, but it might be useful to some) info about Coventry from around the webbernet:

Coventry has earned an international reputation as one of the most important cities of peace and reconciliation in Europe, and the centre of Coventry has the Cathedral which is the site of annual Peace Month. A new sports centre, one of the few in the country with Olympic-standard swimming pools, has been built and Coventry City Football Club has reached the top of English football. In 2017, Coventry city centre was redeveloped and it is planned that the Sherbourne River will be reopened as the River Walk, a way of positioning the river as part of the city centre.

The metropolitan area consists of the City of England and the urban area of Bedworth, the 20th largest city in England, and is governed by Coventry City Council.

Coventry is a city in the West Midlands and the historic county of Warwickshire in England. Coventry Phoenix, the city’s women’s team, will compete in Division One of the North British Womens League. Previous firebombs severely damaged large parts of the city centre and Coventry’s historic cathedral, leaving grenades in the top of the tower. Surely they’ve cleaned those up by now?!

The design left the old spire of the cathedral in ruins as well as the nave for the new St Michael’s Cathedral designed by Sir Basil Spence and dedicated in 1962. The city also famously won the FA Cup in 1987 when they beat Spurs at Wembley in the final.