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Bristol babe Melanie is hoping her offer of free sex will bring all the boys to the yard. Citing ‘milkshakes on my face, tits, pussy, arse, wherever’ as how she wants you to spunk on her, this 25 year old professional woman says she is far too busy with work to sift through a bunch of people the old fashioned way. It’s no surprise that more and more people are thinking like this, why waste all that time if all you are after is a quick fuck – or even a long sex session. A gym goer, Mel likes to keep herself with ‘lots of exercise and lots of sex’. That’s some pretty good self-justification for giving free sex to as many man as you feel like, and we like Melanie’s style! If only all women freely admitted they love a good shag, good on her for leading the charge.

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If a bit of sexy lingerie gets you going then you’ll be pleased to hear Melanie believes it should be the law that stockings must be worn for any sex play, and then all the rest of the time anyway just because. Hey, we’re all with you on that one Mel! It gives us something to admire when all we can see is the back of your head. There’s also something about grabbing a pair of legs in nylons while you give a woman a good plowing from behind, which like many profiles on the site, Melanie says she enjoys thoroughly. The dirty tart. And that’s a compliment not a derogatory term! So if you’re in Bristol and looking for a bit of free sex hit the lovely lady herself up and see if you can’t have a bit of how’s your father with this very naughty minded girl. Funny how most of those office types who seem prim and proper are actually filthy as fuck. That’s funny as in horny, by the way. Obviously.