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Oh, and here’s some things about Bristol:

The City Council included a light rail in its 2000 urban transport plan but did not fund it. Bristol was offered by the European Union to finance light rail, but the Department of Transport did not provide the necessary additional funding.

Bristol was named cycling city of England in 2008 and is one of England’s 12 cycling demonstration areas. The city has two universities, University of Bristol and University of West England, alongside a wide choice of arts and sports facilities, some of which are the Royal West England Academy, Arnolfini Spike Island and Ashton Gate Memorial Stadium. The Bristol Unitary authorities are unusual among the major British cities for their large black and Asian populations.

In 2005, Bristol was named one of six science cities in England by the British government. Theatre Bristol is a partnership between the City Council of Bristol, the Arts Council of England and residents of Bristol to develop the city’s theatre industry.

bristol free sex