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A brief overlook at Barnet:

Barnet, a suburb of London, England, is located in the historic county of Middlesex, although many of its northern districts, including East Barnet and New Barnet, belong to Hertfordshire. Barnet was founded by the merger of the former cities of London and Finchley and the cities of New Barnet, East Barnet and Friern Barnet in 1965 (which once formed separate estates and parishes). A vocational college on the site of Barnet’s main campus, Middlesex University, is within the borough.

The name Barnet is first mentioned in 1070 AD as Barneto, derived from the Old English baernet (burn). Several porters used to be inns, and stagecoaches from Barnet, Totteridge and other towns along the way stood in the streets in the evenings as they set off, ready to offer one or the other.

The local cinema is located on a major bus route that runs regularly and frequently between Barnet, Finchley, Enfield and Borehamwood.

In 1972, the parish was dismembered and merged with four neighboring parishes. Thus ended the independent history of South Barnet; most locals now believe their homes are in East Barnet or Brunswick Park.